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Our home stories

In 2021


We switched from Babel to esbuild and from esbuild to swc (without Angular and Vue with proprietary template notation). And we can switch again if we want.

The performance of esbuild and swc are almost twice as fast as with the classic configuration. But there is currently no noticeable difference in performance between esbuild and swc.


We added two more frameworks (Lit and Solid) without any problems, without having to change the basic stack.

We have switched our Demo-Template from Bootstrap to Tailwindcss and from Tailwindcss to WindiCSS and now use the automatic application-specific CSS generation.


We tried two new bundlers (Vite and Snowpack) and integrated them for most frameworks. Alternatively, they can be installed alongside or instead of webpack.


Use a uniform and flat stack, no matter which framework you prefer.

🍀 Take a look at this Demo.

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