The easiest way to get started is to generate our boilerplate project. Alternatively, only the configuration files can be added/updated to an existing project.

Install the tiny CLI

You only need the CLI to be saddled up. Use the follow command to install the CLI on you system or in you existing project.

npm i -D @leanup/cli @leanup/cli-<framework>

Available Frameworks: angular, angularjs, aurelia, inferno, lit-element, preact, react,svelte,vanilla,vue and vue3

For react:

npm i -D @leanup/cli @leanup/cli-react

Create a full boilerplate project

Enter the following command to generate our boilerplate project:

npx react create

Reconfigure you existing project

Enter the following command to reconfigure you existing project:

npx react create --only-config --overwrite

After that, it is important to check the changes with regard to your project. It is possible that some changes can be undone.